My Slingshot Mobile

Step 1. Insert SIM to activate

Remember to activate your new Slingshot Mobile SIM card before you register. Do this by inserting it into your phone and dialling 6886. When this is done click continue.

Step 2. Register your Slingshot number

Enter your Slingshot mobile number. We will then send you 
a verification code.

Where is the SIM Phone Number?

Found in the top right corner of your Slingshot SIM card case.

Where is the SIM Phone Number?
Step 3. Confirm verification code

Enter the verification code you received below to confirm your mobile number.

If you do not receive a verification code after 1 minute, please try again by resending your code. If you still have not received a verification code, you can contact Slingshot Customer Service on 0800 89 2000 for assistance.

Step 3b. Set a pin

Choose a new 4 digit pin, one that will be easy for you to remember.