What happens to my mobile data? Does it roll over?

Any unused data on your base plan rolls over to the next month. Additional purchased data from an add-on pack will stay valid for 30 days. Add-on data will always be consumed first, followed by roll-over data and then the data in your current month’s base plan.

Can I use my current mobile number?

Sure can! We’ll post you a SIM with all the details you need to transfer your number. It’s easy, just activate your SIM and then register it at mobile.slingshot.co.nz and complete the form to Transfer your number.

How much is additional data?

Just $12 for 1GB of additional data. Please note, this data does not carry over and will expire after 30 days if un-used.

Can I buy more NZ and AUS calling minutes?

You sure can. It's only $7 for another 50 minutes. Please note, these minutes do not carry over and will expire after 30 days if un-used.

How does Global Roaming on Slingshot Mobile work?

Global roaming is enabled by default. In order to utilise your Slingshot mobile while roaming you will need to top-up your phone with the Cash Allowance add-on, or purchase a dedicated roaming pack. These can be purchased at mobile.slingshot.co.nz. For more information on casual rates while roaming take a look at the Roaming section on our Mobile Rates page here.

Why can’t I send MMS picture messages? How do I make International calls and messages?

Any services not included within your plan require loading of a Cash Allowance of $15 that can be drawn against for these services. This includes MMS text pictures, premium calls (such as to Directory Assistance), or International calls.

What is a Cash Allowance?

A Cash Allowance provides $15 value that can be drawn on to pay for services such as MMS picture text, directory assistance or international calls. The Cash Allowance becomes active from the moment of purchase, but is billed on your account together with the next Mobile plan billing. For more details on casual rates see here.

Why have I been billed twice this month?

Our mobile plans are billed every 30 days, so slightly more frequent than monthly. This means that you may occasionally get two bills on the same monthly statement – although this will be rare.

Can I use my Slingshot Mobile account with TXT-a-Park?

Unfortunately not, Slingshot Mobile billing is not supported by the TXT-a-Park service.

How do I change plan, and what happens to my billing?

You can at any stage change plan (upgrade or downgrade) by selecting your preferred plan on mobile.slingshot.co.nz and clicking “Buy Plan”. However, be aware that while any new plan purchase is effective immediately the 30 day billing period for the new plan is also instant, and any unused allowances from the previous plan are not credited. We’ve added the option for you to have your upgrade plan commence at the end of the current plan, avoiding any overlap.

I need to purchase roaming allowance, extra data, or extra calls.

Add-On packs are available for Australia roaming, beyond Australia roaming, additional data or additional calling minutes. Login at https://mobile.slingshot.co.nz/ for further details, and select “Buy Add-On” as required.

What are the APN settings for Internet access on Slingshot Mobile?

You should receive configuration messages for APN settings on joining Slingshot Mobile. However, if you need to enter these yourself the detail is available here.